Operation System: Android
Start: April 2015
Current Version: 2.1.7
Active users number: about 200
Category: Distribution, Selling, Visitor, E-market

PAKBAN is one the biggest dairy products companies in Iran. The major Parts of their sales do via this application. This application designed for seller and visitior employees. so unfortunetly, this app is secure and its not publishable in markets. visitors and delivery staffs use this app to find where they must to go, how many goods they have, the locations, and other related information.


  • Real time: each event monitor at the moment by manager and related stuff even location of users
  • Routing: the path of user is
  • Supporting different kinds of sale methods like: Hot, Warm, Cold, ...
  • Create profile for new customers
  • Consider to sale constraints
  • Calculate gifts according to daily rules
  • High security
  • Print factors and receipts with a mobile printer
  • Send sms to customers after their purchases
  • Many filter and search widget aim to finding better
  • Ability of insert temporary factor and receipt
  • Make temporary receipt
  • Friendly user interface
  • Technical Report

  • Use firebase with the aim of catching the bugs and the crashes reports
  • Use kiosk mode to prevent users from getting out of application
  • Use local database to save data that haven't been able to sync with server side
  • Reject calls except legal numbers
  • Manage Sensors, connections and receivers in different situations automatically